Prepainted metal plays an important role in the war against weather…from metal roofs to road signs to HVAC. Need to protect your products too? Fight back with coil-coated metal.
A FLURRY OF APPLICATIONS An avalanche of products already uses coil-coated metal to keep the weather out:
Products METAL ROOFS: In a hailstorm, a roof can take a beating. However, metal roofs offer protection from hail. Studies show that metal roofing is impact resistant, and unlike other materials, metal maintains its impact resistance for the life of the roof.
Products METAL WALL PANELS: Steel and aluminum wall panels feature a highly durable paint or coating to protect them from the elements.
Products TRAFFIC SIGNS: Prepainted metal is used for nearly all metal road signs. This enables the signs to stand up to harsh weather, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Products MANY OTHER PRODUCTS: Truck trailers, exterior doors, window frames, outdoor furniture, and more are often manufactured with coil coated metal to provide the utmost protection from the elements.
TODAY’S FORECAST: NO CORROSION Corrosion resistance is critical, especially in northern regions where snowfall and ice call for salt and deicing agents, which can cause corrosion. Prepainted aluminum stands up to all kinds of weather, naturally eliminating red rust issues from cut and exposed edges. Prepainted steel provides corrosion resistance better than ever with the implementation of a two-coat system using a primer and a top coat.
SUPERIOR PROCESS, SUPERIOR PROTECTION No wonder prepainted metal resists winter so well. Coil coating is the most advanced process for applying coatings to metal. The coil coater unwinds, precleans, pretreats, preprimes, prepaints, rewinds, and ships the coils to the manufacturer. This leads to a more uniform topcoat, edge to edge, top and bottom, leading to a beautiful finish that can stand up to the punishment of winter.
BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE…AND INSIDE Your products need to be protected from the inside out. Many products require protective coatings in areas that are inaccessible with post paint. Pretreated metal to the rescue. With coil coating, the metal is treated before it’s formed into the end product, helping to ensure protection even in tight spots.
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