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Member Company Available Courses

NCCA members offer many educational seminars and training sessions to advance learning about prepaint and the use of coated metal. A list of educational and training courses that are offered by NCCA members appears below. Many of the courses are approved by AIA or other bodies for continuing education credits. Review the available courses and click on the courses that are of interest to you.


ATAS International, Inc.

ATAS offers several educational seminars that are eligible for continuing education credits.  Visit  http://www.atas.com/services/aia-ces-seminars to learn more and to schedule a seminar.

  • Understanding Metal Roofing (AIA/CES Course #ATA005)
  • Solar Air Heating (AIA/CES Course #ATA014b)
  • Test Methods Related to Metal Roofing – The Test and the Reality! (AIA/CES Course #ATA006)
  • Sustainable Building Envelopes (AIA/CES Course #ATA010 and GBCI Course # 920001083)
  • Metal Coil Coating Technology (AIA/CES Course #ATA011)
  • Two Stage Method of Weatherproofing Utilizing Single Skin Metal Wall Panels (AIA/CES Course #ATA012)



To access the courses below that are provided by MBCI, visit the following page: http://www.mbci.com/metal-institute/architect-ces/


  • High Performance Green Building Products (Course No. INSMP2)
  • Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels (Course No. IMP003)
  • Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency (Course No. IMP001)
  • Insulated Metal Roof Panels: The Environmentally Smart Choice (Course No. IMP004)
  • Fire Resistive Mineral Wool Core Panels (Course No. IMP002)
  • Retrofit Roof Systems Presentation (NURF-1, NURF-2)
  • Integrated Metal Roof Retrofit with Multiple Energy Saving Technologies
  • Warranties
  • The Devil is in the Details
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing


Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America, ALPOLIC Materials

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC offers several courses that are listed below. Visit the following page to request a course presentation: https://www.alpolic-americas.com/continuing-education/  


  • Design & Specification of ACM/MCM in Today’s Architecture -- A technical discussion of properties, finishes, applications and attachment systems.
  • Painted Finish Considerations for ACM/MCM -- Finish options, paint types, application methods, color measurement and consistency, durability, and weathering.
  • Finish & Surface Considerations for Anodized Aluminum & Natural --Metals Properties of natural metals and anodized aluminum, finish options, advantages and special considerations.



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