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  • On-Site Personalized Employee Development Training

    NCCA is pleased to offer personalized training programs to help address members’ training needs. Training sessions will cover the topics offered by NCCA in an objective, product-neutral manner…

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  • 10 Signs To Consider Prepainted Metal

    Converting from in-house post-painted metal to outsourced prepainted metal can save manufacturers cost, time, and hassles. Provided by the...

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  • To Convert Or Not to Convert?

    Outsourcing vs. In-House – the Numbers Don't Lie. If you fabricate sheet metal into parts or products and then paint them for decoration...

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  • Cost Analysis Form

    Use this Cost Comparison Analysis to understand the long-term savings in converting to coil coated material. This form is divided into three sections - Inventory Costs, Fixed Paint Equipment Costs and Operating Costs. We recommend that you review the form with a coil coating industry representative to better understand the costs.

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  • Reference Instructions and Definitions to Cost Comparison Analysis Form

    Inventory Costs The value of the inventory plus the financial costs of possessing and maintaining an inventory of the raw materials that...

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  • Fact Sheets

    Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) developed facts sheets about steel as a...

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  • Galvinfo center

    A series of information bulletins referred to as "GalvInfoNotes" serve as an excellent primer on the terminology and use of zinc or...

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