end uses of coil coated metal
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Manufacturers of a wide variety of metal products utilize prepainted aluminum and steel, using the highly efficient coil coating process, to make consumer, industrial, and commercial products. Manufacturers benefit from using prepainted metal because the coated coils arrive ready to fabricate into parts, are consistent in quality, appearance or functionality. By eliminating the need for a costly in-house paint shop, manufacturers skip meeting stringent EPA regulations and production bottlenecks with prepainted metal. Manufacturers can reduce production costs, save time and hassles by using coil coated metal that is made to their unique specification and performance needs.


Some additional industries that utilize prepainted metal are:



Manufacturers of metal cans use clear, white and gold coatings for the can ends. Container manufacturers use FDA compliant coatings for food products to provide a barrier between the contents and the inside of the metal cans as well as preventing the outside of the metal cans from rusting.


Lighting Fixtures

Highly reflective white coatings are applied to light gauge metal, via the coil coating process, for manufacturers to fabricate into light fixtures.


Electrical Cabinets

Manufacturers of industrial and residential electric cabinets, as well as cable boxes and tool boxes all use metal that has been painted by a coil coater. Weldable, conductive or decorative coatings are applied to the metal to provide corrosion resistance, functionality or an attractive appearance.


And many other industries and end uses...including yours!


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