end uses of coil coated metal
National Coil Coating Association


As you look through our website we're sure you'll find that prepainted metal is an ideal material for all kinds of applications, because it’s beautiful, durable, formable, and best of all, environmentally friendly.


As instructors or future designers, architects, manufacturing drafters, and other professionals, the world looks to you to create and promote high-quality, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. The pages linked here provide you with a wealth of information to help you learn about the many uses and features of prepainted metal.


Our educational materials include videos, case studies, tool kits, and more; segregated by end use markets. Please visit the end use market you are most interested in to learn more about how prepainted metals just might be the materials solution you are looking for.


Please don't hesitate to contact us to request further information or for help assembling materials suited for your project.


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