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Interested in becoming a member of the National Coating Association? Fill out the form below, and one of our represenatatives will contact you shortly....hopefully with good news that you've been accepted into the NCCA!

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Application Fee & Annual Dues

Application Fee: $100


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Coater Members shall pay dues according to their production, in the preceding calendar year, of coated coil.


Non-Coater Members shall pay dues according to their revenue in the preceding calendar year derived from the sale of coated (painted, laminates, similar functional coatings) metal in coil form, or from supplying coatings, equipment, material, or services for manufacturing coated coil, or from producing metal that is used by a continuous coil coater, or from processing, warehousing, or distributing coated coil.


Professional Members shall pay dues at a fixed rate.


Associate Members shall pay no annual dues. Different, higher meeting registration fees apply.

Coater Non-Coater Annual Dues
No annual dues.

If you are applying for a Non-Coater Membership:

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Payment Information

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Submit a check to the National Coil Coating Association and mail to:
National Coil Coating Association
1300 Sumner Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

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