National Coil Coating Association

PPG Industries, Inc.

125 Colfax St.
Springdale, Pennsylvania 15144

Phone: 724/274-7900

Fax: 724/274-3837

Contact Name: Scott Moffatt

Phone: 724/274-3886

Fax: 724/274-3837

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Type of Company: Coating Supplier

Description: PPG offers a complete line of coatings, the industry's largest selection of more than 10,000 colors and a variety of support services. The Coil Coatings Group manufactures coatings for many applications including metal building products for residential and non-residential construction, appliances, lighting fixtures, automotive parts, truck trailer/recreational vehicles, metal office furniture, metal signage and other miscellaneous industrial products. Coil coatings include Duranar and Coraflon fluoropolymers, Duracron acrylics, Truform polyesters, Truform SP silicone polyesters and Environ waterbornes. We also offer DURANAR SPF infrared reflective coatings that complying with applicable ENERGY STAR(R) reflectance limits and satisfies LEED certification guidelines.

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