National Coil Coating Association

Are You Eligible for NCCA Membership?

The Association has one class of members, divided into two categories with eligibility requirements as follows:


Coater Member. A business entity (not including a metal plater) engaged in the operation of a continuous coil coating line, applying organic or inorganic coatings, including laminates, to metals in coil form is eligible to be member in the Coater category. All Coater members joining on or after January 1, 1998 are required to participate in the Association’s Statistical Program.


Non-Coater Member. A business entity that is not eligible to be a Coater member but is engaged in one or more of the following business concerns is eligible to be a Non-Coater member:


  • Coating Supplier -- Members who manufacture or sell coatings that would include chemical, liquid, powder, or film. Their products would be those applied by a coater.


  • Metal Producer -- Members who manufacture metal (aluminum or steel) that is coated by a continuous coil coater. Members may, as part of their metal surface processing, apply additional coatings that are similar to that of a coater, but would not have a separate and distinct continuous coil coating line dedicated to that application.


  • Service Center -- Members, who as part of a package for resale to OEM’s, combine their own contracted purchase of continuous coil coated metal with additional value added processing and/or warehousing which is available at their own location(s).


  • Processor / Warehouse -- Members who do not purchase or sell continuous coil coated metal, but do provide the service of processing and/or warehousing continuously coil-coated metal for others.


  • Broker -- Members who sell continuous coil coated metal with or without further processing, but do not provide a value-added process in their facility.


  • Equipment Suppliers -- Members who manufacture or sell equipment that is used by either a coater and/or non-coater member in activities primarily related to the continuous coil coater metal industry.


  • Service Suppliers -- Members who provide services to the continuous coil coating industry.


  • Material Suppliers -- Members who manufacture or sell materials that are used by either a coater and/or non-coater member in activities primarily related to the continuous coil coating industry.


Professional Member. An individual professional person who is engaged in the business of offering educational, consulting, and other professional services to the coil coating industry. Such a member is not eligible to hold an elective position or office and shall not be entitled to vote for any purpose or to receive industry statistics.


Associate Member: Associate members are potential coater and non-coater member companies that wish to attend meetings to learn more about NCCA, but are not prepared yet to formally join the association. Associate membership is available to companies that are eligible to be full members as a coater and non-coater and have not been NCCA members for a five year period. Associate membership provides a limited time during which a prospective member may attend meetings to learn about the association. Access to most benefits is restricted. Potential members must apply to be Associate members. There are no annual dues, but different registration fees apply to Associate members. Contact NCCA for further information.


Life or Honorary Member. Life or Honorary membership may be conferred upon a business entity or individual, including an industry retiree or a trade or professional association, that (1) is not eligible to be a member, and (2) is engaged in teaching or research related to coated coil, or is otherwise contributing to making improvements in coated coil, or to the process of making or using coated coil. No dues are paid by Life or Honorary members.


For more information about joining NCCA, see our webpage on Benefits. For additional information, call NCCA at 216-241-7333.

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