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National Coil Coating Association Celebrates 50th Anniversary

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- The National Coil Coating Association celebrates 50 years of service this year. While the purpose and structure of the organization has remained consistent from its inception in 1962, the coil coating industry has continually met the ever-changing needs of today’s manufacturers, applying some of today’s most cutting-edge metal coatings in the most eco-friendly way.


The association founders probably never imagined the remarkable products that would be made with coil coating technology in 2012. Smog-eating building panels, antimicrobial appliances, solar panels, anti-corrosive auto parts, cool metal roofing, and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring architectural structures are just a few of the innovations made possible with coil coating technology. The continuous coil coating process not only makes highly complex metal coatings feasible with its impeccable surface prep and precise layering capabilities, it also provides the added benefit of being cost-effective and environmentally responsible.


With the theme, “Celebrating Our Past, Preparing for Our Future” association members will celebrate this milestone anniversary at the NCCA annual meeting April 23-25 in Tucson, AZ with favorite speakers from past events, music, food and entertainment. NCCA members will enjoy a look back at the coil coating industry from its beginnings in the 1930’s as a Venetian blind product, as well as a look forward at futuristic uses including high-tech coatings, colors, textures, and designs. Initially formed with 25 member companies, the NCCA now boasts more than 100 member organizations and continues its mission to provide market data, technical expertise, and industry promotion of the coil coating process.


For more information about coil coating, and its 50th anniversary, visit or call the NCCA at 216-241-7333.





Leslie Schraff


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