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Seven Super Reasons for Joining the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA)

Any business that is involved with the coil coating industry should join the National Coil Coating Association today. Why? Because NCCA can provide the tools and opportunities you need to help you increase your market share and to grow the coil coating industry as a whole.


NCCA is the industry’s leading advocate, representing the industry with relevant bodies at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition to speaking in a unified voice on your behalf, NCCA provides an abundance of resources for helping you grow your prepaint business. Here are seven super reasons to sign up.


1. Networking – NCCA provides opportunities for people in your industry to come together and learn from industry experts and guest speakers. This affords the perfect opportunity to discuss trends and projects with your peers and, in many cases, your customers.


2. Advanced Education – NCCA supplies you with a comprehensive set of educational materials for training both employees and customers. You’ll have full access to all the latest online resources like videos, tutorials, case studies, how-to-guides, technical bulletins and more.


3. Credibility – By using the NCCA logo on all your sales and marketing materials, you instantly enhance your credibility. Over 100 industry-leading companies proudly display the NCCA logo. It tells customers that you care about the industry and maintaining the highest possible standards.


4. Regulatory Issues – Government directives can have a big impact on your operation. Staying on top of changes is critical. When needed, members have access and are able to talk with industry representatives from agencies such as the EPA, OSHA and others.


5. Publicity – NCCA promotes the use of prepainted metal in a variety of arenas, such as its website, other industry related association meetings and trade shows, and a continuous public relations program aimed at users and potential users of coil coated metal. The use and importance of prepainted metal is publicized in dozens of leading trade journals through press releases and feature articles.


6. Cost Savings – By pooling resources, NCCA members can save money and time on research, testing and marketing.


7. Industry Statistics – As a member, you have access to key industry statistics that cannot be obtained anywhere else. You can use this data to benchmark your own performance and to discover and evaluate emerging trends.


For more information on joining the NCCA, visit our website at and click on the “Be a Member” tab. Or you can call the NCCA at 216-241-7333.


About NCCA

The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) is an established trade organization dedicated to the growth of coil coated products. Founded in 1962, NCCA consists of companies that are at the forefront of the industry. Members include coil coating service providers as well as manufacturers and suppliers of metal, coatings, chemicals and equipment. Members of NCCA also process and warehouse the coil coated products prior to delivery to user industries. For more information, contact NCCA at 216-241-7333 or email at Visit the NCCA website at



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