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Coil Coating Gives Appliance & HVAC Manufacturers An Edge

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Traditionally appliance manufacturers have used powder coatings to paint their products in-house after the product has been formed. But today big brands such as Whirlpool, Trane, and General Electric are breaking tradition and finding it advantageous to use prepainted metal for some product lines. These top manufacturers are finding it more manageable to add new products when they outsource the metal coating rather than planning for additional in-house painting processes.


Using coal coated metal streamlines the production process while also eliminating EPA compliance requirements of in-house painting. Prepainted metal is coated flat at a coil coating facility before it is formed, then arrives at the plant finished and ready to be formed.


Coil coating is often used to provide specialty coatings with features like anti-microbial properties, fingerprint resistance, and designer finishes, like metallic coatings.


Anti-microbial coatings kill 99% or more of bacteria that come into contact with the appliance, offering even more protection than other means of application. Unlike post-painting operations, the coil coating process coats the entire surface so that inaccessible areas, such as the interiors, hemmed edges, and tubes are also coated. Additionally, the primer and paint, either of which could contain the antimicrobial additive, are tightly-bonded to the metal and are often applied to both sides of the metal. Some antimicrobial coatings even include metal pigment to improve heat exchange for HVAC applications.


Fingerprint resistant coatings are also in demand and can be applied during the coil coating process, eliminating the need for end-users to continually wipe off smudges from appliances. Even popular metallic coatings that give stainless steel and rubbed copper looks can be applied at a coil coating facility and can be combined together with antimicrobial and fingerprint proof coatings to add value and differentiate products from competitors.


With the coil coating process, coatings are applied in one continuous process when the metal is flat, before it is cut and formed, enabling every inch of the surface to be cleaned and treated, providing tightly-bonded durable finishes for refrigerators, washers and dryers, HVAC units and more.


For more about specialty coatings, visit the National Coil Coating Association website and view the online tutorial entitled “Specialty Coatings” at



Leslie Schraff


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