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Prepainted Metal: Cost Effective, Green And Durable

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CLEVELAND, OHIO – Manufacturers looking to cut costs, streamline production and produce a more durable finish on their metal products should be aware of the benefits of using prepainted metal. The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) provides a complete online resource library at, offering everything from a general overview of the coil coating process and its benefits to specific technical information. The library includes online tutorials, videos, articles and technical tool kits. The resource wizard will even direct users to the exact resources desired.


Prepainted metal is a smart choice for many types of products, such as corrosion resistant parts for vehicles of all kinds, fingerprint-proof appliances, anti-bacterial metal tables and carts for the food-service and health care industries, green building products, and much more.


Prepainted metal is coated to a manufacturer’s specifications before arriving at the manufacturing plant, eliminating the need for in-house coating and the environmental regulations and production issues that go with it. The metal is cleaned, painted and cured in a continuous coil coating process providing the most complete, tightly bonded and durable finish possible. Colors and types of specialty finishes that can be used are virtually endless. The prepainted metal can then be cut, formed, and joined to create products with impeccably durable finishes.


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Leslie Schraff


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