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Big, Bold Design For Health Care Center Made Possible With Coil Coated Metal

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Buildings are becoming increasingly spectacular thanks to the dramatic design possibilities of the coil coating process. An example is the new South Health Campus in Calgary, AB, clad with a striking design made with prepainted aluminum panels of 82 different colors. The exterior of the facility blends with the community and natural surroundings, minimizing the institutional feel of the building and its large scale. The design features colorful aluminum panels that present a pixelated image of the prairies, mountains and sky to create a building that fits naturally into the beauty of Alberta’s geography. Designs of this size and complexity would be much more difficult, if not impossible, without coil coated metal.


Designed by Kasian Architecture, the prepainted metal panels were inspired by a photograph of the foothills with the Rockies rising in the distance. An imaginary grid was layered over the image to capture 82 different colors in the landscape, which were then applied to individual metal panels with the coil coating process. This process includes unwinding, cleaning, treating, painting, and rewinding large metal coils, which are later formed into building panels and installed on site. The panels are arranged in patterns of color that move from darker to lighter or from 'ground to sky' as the eye moves upward to the top of the building.

Designed with the theme of ‘People, Village, Nature,” the idea was to create a healing environment that will bring together community and nature, as well as incorporate the best innovations and the latest technology for this state-of-the-art health care facility.


Architects and product designers enjoy the freedom afforded by coil coated metal, designing highly unique looks with dramatic colors and textures while also benefiting from the durability, cost effectiveness and green benefits of prepainted metal. Prepainted metal has virtually no limitations compared to other forms of painted metal in terms of flexibility, versatility and coating type.


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Leslie Schraff


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