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What Manufacturers Report After Converting To Prepainted Metal

Once you go prepaint you’ll never go back

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Using prepainted metal offers many benefits to manufacturers. First and foremost, in­house painting is a costly secondary operation. Outsourcing the painting operation can save a company costs, time, and hassles while enhancing the quality and beauty of end products. In a telephone survey conducted among manufacturers in various industries, the NCCA asked what these companies saw as the major benefits of using prepainted metal.


According to the manufacturers that participated in our survey, the major benefits of using prepainted metal are as follows:


• Increased durability

• Minimization of EPA issues

• Streamlined manufacturing processes Lower labor costs Elimination of postpoint operations

• Easier than post-painting


Once these manufacturers experienced the benefits of using prepainted metal, all were pleased that they made the change.

To learn more about prepainted metal, visit the National Coil Coating Association’s online resource library at and view online tutorials, videos, articles and technical tool kits about coil coated metals.




Leslie Schraff


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