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Why Architects Are Specifying Prepainted Metal

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Prepainted metal is a unique building material increasingly specified by architects in both commercial and residential building designs. Architects appreciate many aspects of prepainted metal including its consistent quality, low cost, design flexibility, and green properties.


First, endless color options are available with prepainted metal, from vibrant colorful splashes in modern designs to natural weathered finishes in rustic expressions. Design enthusiasts love the durability of prepainted metal, impossible to achieve with most other coating processes. Prepainted metal also can be formed, almost like plastic, in fluid elegant shapes often not feasible with concrete and brick. This flexibility allows architects to achieve many unique and highly expressive designs using a single material, prepainted metal.


Also, today’s architects are often looking to use earth-friendly materials. Many are striving to earn LEED certification for environmentally sustainable design. LEED certification is based on a variety of categories, such as site sustainability, energy, materials, and indoor quality. For example, cool prepainted metal roofs, which meet certain criteria, directly contribute to one LEED point. Moreover, selecting metal made with recycled content and the fact that metal is recyclable contributes even more points, depending on recycled content and manufacturing site location.


Architects find using prepainted metal is an efficient way to enhance a structure’s green properties. With other materials, walls in buildings often need to become thicker with more insulation to save energy. The thicker walls trap heat inside which must be discharged again. Metal is the energy conscious choice in this regard because metal walls do not need to be made thicker to be energy efficient. With metal, heat is absorbed quickly and also discharged quickly.


Architects (and their clients) also like the lower cost of prepainted metal. Prepainted metal is relatively inexpensive compared to other building materials, but there is no sacrifice in quality. In fact, the substrate and the top coat are often superior in quality to alternatives. What’s more, metal is durable, non-combustible, and resistant to termites and other destructive insects, saving cost now and in the long run. Construction is also fast compared to other materials, saving labor costs. Perhaps best of all, prepainted metal can help architects achieve distinctive looks without exceeding the budget.


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Leslie Schraff


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