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An Advanced Material for Today's Most Impressive Buildings

Prepainted Metal Brings Dramatic Looks to Architecture

CLEVELAND, OHIO – June 12, 2012 – The coil coating process plays a role in creating some of today’s most dramatic buildings. The clam-shaped Dalian Shell Museum in China and the patina-colored Canadian embassy in Romania are two examples of remarkable structures that use high tech building panels made with coil coated aluminum to achieve striking color and massive curves.


The QuadroClad™ Metal Façade Panels by Hunter Douglas Contract even use technology borrowed from the aerospace industry. The panels are made by sandwiching a metal honeycomb between two coil coated aluminum sheets to produce an extremely flexible, lightweight, yet strong building panel that can withstand the most severe environmental conditions. The layers are bonded together with adhesives and can form massive shapes and virtually endless colors and textures with the coil coating process.


The aluminum used for the panels is prepainted with colors, textures and specialized coatings, all applied to the metal when it’s flat, providing a highly durable and consistent finish that meets even the most precise specifications. These coatings are tightly bonded and very flexible enabling the panels to be cut and shaped after coating without compromising the quality of the finish.


Beyond design and durability, prepainted metal is also earth friendly and can help buildings earn LEED certification points. Prepainted metal panels are fully recyclable and typically made with recycled content. They are also energy efficient. Metal is known to absorb heat quickly and also discharge it quickly, reducing energy needed to heat and cool the building.


Consider prepainted metal for dramatic design flexibility, strength and green properties like no other building material. For more information about building with prepainted metal, visit the National Coil Coating Association at




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