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CLEVELAND, OHIO – January 29, 2013 – Employees, students, manufacturers, and anyone new to the world of metal will find educational resources that provide a basic course in metal sheet and coil coatings, courtesy of the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) on its website These online tutorials are available to the public for free:


Steel 101: This online tutorial highlights the role of steel throughout history and society today, world production and use levels, the production process, as well as the properties and composition of various steel grades. The tutorial also highlights modern advancements that have improved strength while reducing the weight of steel, its 100% recyclability, and more.


Aluminum 101: This online tutorial provides background on the aluminum market, how it’s made, and its superior adaptability. The tutorial includes an overview of the wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial products made of aluminum. Viewers will also learn about the various finishes for aluminum, joining methods, conductive properties of aluminum and why it’s the most recycled metal in the world. The tutorial further discusses the different coatings applied to aluminum and the benefits and applications of each type.


Paint 101: This online tutorial provides the basics of coatings, including the properties of different coatings, such as the color and appearance, protective qualities, and chemistries of various coating types. The tutorial also provides an overview of each coating type, outlining their purpose and use.


Prepaint 101: This online tutorial reviews the wide variety of applications for prepainted metal, how coatings are applied and tested at a coil coating facility, and environmental benefits of the coil coating process. The tutorial also covers the types of coatings used for various purposes and discusses the appearances and finishes and specialty coatings available. The tutorial reviews research that has proven the superior durability of prepainted cut-edge, shows coating verification methods, demonstrates cost saving benefits of coil coating, and more.


Find these free online tutorials and a host of other educational tools, including videos and technical bulletins at the National Coil Coating Association’s website:



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