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The Manufacturing Balancing Act

Navigating New Environmental Regulations

CLEVELAND, OHIO – August 22, 2012 – Manufacturing today can seem like a balancing act with continual changes in environmental regulations. In recent years, legislation has sprung up that impacts all aspects of manufacturing and coatings are one of the areas most often affected. Governments are becoming increasingly concerned with protecting the environment. It’s likely legislation will grow more complex as the European Union, American, and Pacific Rim governments continue to introduce environmental legislation. Prepainted metal can help remove some of the burdens of compliance from the manufacturing process.


While most agree that the legislation is for the greater good, many manufacturers find it a challenge to maintain and grow their business within the narrowing confines of code compliance.


Coil coaters can help remove some of the burdens of compliance for manufacturers. Coil coaters accomplish this by taking the painting process out of the manufacturing plant and into environmentally compliant coil coating facilities. Coil coaters pre-clean, pre-treat, pre-prime and pre-paint the metal before it arrives at the plant to be formed. This eliminates the manufacturer’s in-house paint shop, which results in reducing waste, lowering energy consumption, and minimizing regulator compliance headaches.




Coil coating facilities help manufacturers and our environment by:


  • Reducing or eliminating waste handling costs
  • Easing burden of record keeping, reports and permits
  • Curbing water usage
  • Lowering maintenance costs


For years, coil coaters have been working to reduce waste and emissions by utilizing the latest technologies and ongoing field research. Because of these efforts, coil coating is the most efficient process known for applying finishes to metals. Coil coaters utilize state-of-the-art processes that employ EPA-approved water and pollution equipment that make it possible to apply coatings to metal at high speeds with minimal environmental impact.


The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) is committed in helping manufacturers to be more efficient, profitable, and environmentally friendly. The NCCA’s Environmental Stewardship Committee continues to research and implement new ideas to build on the coated coil industry’s environmental benefits.


With the help of the NCCA and coil coating technology, going green can help manufacturers stay in the black.


Learn more at or call the NCCA at 216-241-7333.


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