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Advancements in prepainted aluminum now provide truck trailer builders more options in colors, specialty finishes and visual effects

Cleveland, Ohio—Not only are automakers introducing more vibrant finishes to their fleets, but truck trailer builders are also getting bolder with different colors and finishes, thanks to advancements in prepainted aluminum spearheaded by members of the National Coil Coating Association.


Truck trailer body builders now have more colors, specialty finishes and visual effects available to them because of technological advancements made in the prepainted aluminum stage of production. While “old school” black and white colors are still common because of cost savings, a new array of colors is gaining ground, including yellow, orange, matte coatings and metallic coatings.


For years, acrylic finishes dominated the truck trailer market. But advancements in polyester resins now provide enhanced distinction of image (DOI) and stain resistance. Polyester metallic finishes are better than ever with an enhanced two-coat technology, batch to batch consistency and color control from head to tail and coil to coil. This two- coat metallic technology provides an unlimited color palette for truck trailer manufacturers.


Along with numerous color choices, the new texture and texture-like finishes of prepainted aluminum offer superior scuff resistance on truck trailers. The texture particles create a distorted surface pattern that disrupts the coated aluminum from marring, scratching and scuffing. These finishes got their start in public restrooms where they were used on wall panels, providing superior abrasion resistance and better clean up.


Prepainted aluminum on truck trailers can stand up to all kinds of weather. Corrosion resistance is better than ever with a two-coat system using a primer and a top coat that means better cosmetic longevity throughout the life of the product. Corrosion resistance is critical in the truck trailer industry, especially driving in northern regions where snowfall and ice are prominent. Salt and deicing agents are primary contributors to corrosion. For more information about prepainted metal technology, visit


The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) is an established trade organization dedicated to the growth of coil coated products. Founded in 1962, the NCCA consists of more than 100 member companies that are at the forefront of the industry. Members include coil coating service providers as well as manufacturers and suppliers of metal, coatings, chemicals and equipment. Members of NCCA also process and warehouse the coil coated products prior to delivery to user industries. For more information, contact the NCCA at 216-241-7333 or email at Visit the NCCA website at



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