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National Coil Coating Association Launches New Website

CLEVELAND, OHIO – July 27, 2012 – Visitors to the National Coil Coating Association website will be pleasantly surprised during their next visit. The organization has launched a new website which is located at The new advanced and trend- setting site promotes the innovative applications made possible with coil coating, along with the manufacturing and environmental benefits inherent in the process. Site visitors will find bold photography, one-click drop down navigation, and a ‘Find a Supplier’ tool. In addition, the website provides a multitude of interactive educational materials which include tutorials, videos, case studies and downloadable toolkits.


“Coil coating is the most advanced and efficient process to coat metal, and our website now better reflects this forward-thinking industry,” said Laura Lanza, head of NCCA’s marketing committee. “The website emphasizes end-uses and benefits, making it easier for manufacturers and service centers to find what they need.”


The site features dramatic photography of some of the most advanced applications for coil coated metal including solar panels, smog eating and color-changing building panels, cool roofing, furniture, appliances, auto parts, and examples from the infinite array of possible colorful designs to meet the vision of any design. The site also includes guidance for metal service centers, metal processors, and other users, and offers tips for processing, handling, joining, and forming coil coated metal. The added bonus of the ‘Find a Supplier’ tool provides a quick and easy method to identify member companies that meet specific needs.


Created by Vilocity Interactive (, the new website combines previous member and manufacturer websites into one cohesive easy-to-navigate location where public and password protected member information can be accessed. In the members’ section, members can access company directories, marketing materials, industry statistics and other exclusive materials.


Visit the site at either of the previous web addresses: or




Leslie Schraff


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