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NCCA Introduces New Toolkits

The National Coil Coating Association adds new toolkits to its educational resources library.

The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) introduced new toolkits to its extensive library of education materials.

The following newest toolkits focus on the use of coated materials in building and construction applications:


• Toolkit #25, “Solar Reflective Coated Metal Roofs vs. Vegetative Roofs,” offers a comparison between roofing options and highlights the benefits of the solar reflective coated metal roofs.


• Toolkit #26, “Factors Influencing the Long-Term Performance of PrePainted Metal Buildings,” explores the various factors that impact how structures using prepainted metal materials perform.


NCCA offers a variety of educational materials, including tutorials on joining and forming prepainted metals as well as, pretreating and prepainting metals effectively. In addition to the toolkits, the association also provides case studies, training courses and other tools and publications.


“NCCA offers its members many educational resources to help advance learning about prepaint and the use of coated metal,” said David Cocuzzi, technical director for NCCA. “These resources, including our 'how-to’ style toolkits, help those in the industry be more effective.”

To access the educational materials provided by NCCA, visit and select “Education.”


About NCCA

The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) is the leading association of businesses engaged in the process of coating coiled metals. Founded in 1962, the NCCA consists of more than 100 coaters and suppliers to the coil coating process that are at the forefront of the industry. Coil coating is an automated process that permits a high degree of customized coatings to produce a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, quality product. Prepainted metals are used in a wide variety of industries including construction, appliance, transportation, automotive, HVAC and many more. For more information, contact NCCA at 216-241-7333 or email at Visit the NCCA website at




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