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Coil Coating Tool Kits Available Online

CLEVELAND, OHIO – October 9, 2012 – Have a technical question about coil coated metal? Tool kits are available online from the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) for questions like: How do I ensure my prepainted coils don’t corrode when stored on the job site? What processes should be put in place to inspect prepainted coils when they arrive at the plant? What’s the best way to secure coated coils for shipping? What if your coils have pressure marking?


To answer these and a multitude of other technical questions, the NCCA offers 20 downloadable Tool Kits on their new website at The tool kits are thorough, easily understood papers produced by the most experienced professionals to address questions that often come up with regard to coil coated metal. It is expert advice only a few mouse-clicks away.


The tool kits are free and available at These along with a multitude of other education tools including online tutorials, videos and presentations are available in the new education section of the NCCA website at




Leslie Schraff


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