Other Goods

Manufacturers of a wide variety of metal products utilize prepainted aluminum and steel, using the highly efficient coil coating process, to make consumer, industrial, and commercial products.

Manufacturers benefit from using prepainted metal because the coated coils arrive ready to fabricate into parts, are consistent in quality, appearance or functionality.

Other goods that are fabricated from coil coating include:

Metal Packaging Containers

Coil-coated metal is used extensively for the manufacture of metal containers for food, beverage and household products. Several examples include beverage can ends and tabs, aluminum easy-open-ends (EZO), steel EZO tabs, aluminum and steel draw-redraw cans (DRD) for foods and pet foods, aluminum wine closures, sanitary can ends, as well as steel closures for glass jars, and aerosol valve cups for three-piece and monobloc aerosol spray cans. All these cans, ends, tabs, and closures come in a variety of colors, of which clear, gold, and white are most common.

Coatings for coil-coated metal for the interior of these package types are compliant with regional regulations for food contact materials, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Health Canada, as well as standards in other parts of the world.

Coil coated packaging containers are treated on both sides of the coil to place a barrier between the package contents and the inside of the can, and protection of the outside of the can from corrosion. The coating enables canned food and beverage products to have a long stable shelf-life - playing a part in the reduction of food waste and the availably of nutritious foods everywhere in the world. Packaging containers made from coil-coated metal are also 100% recyclable!

Lighting Fixtures

Highly reflective white coatings are applied to light gauge metal, using the coil coating process, to fabricate into light fixtures.

Storage Units

Self-storage units are being constructed at a rapid pace across the United States as the need for homeowners and businesses to store materials off-site increases. Prepainted metal is used for almost every part of these structures including roofing, walling, rainware, and even the roll-up doors.

Electrical Cabinets

Manufacturers of industrial and residential electric cabinets, as well as cable boxes and tool boxes all use metal that has been painted through the coil coating process. Weldable, conductive or decorative coatings are applied to the metal to provide corrosion resistance, functionality or an attractive appearance.