Case Studies

Coil Coating Case Studies

Coil coating isn’t just a nice idea, it works in the real world. Here are some success stories to provide further evidence that prepainted metal really does save cost, time, and hassles for manufacturers.

Cutting Edge of Corrosion Resistance

Even with exposed cut edges, prepainted metal outperforms post-painted parts. Yes, really. We’ve done the study to prove it. Prepainted metal louvers with exposed cut ...


Ford New Holland Makes a Baler

What if you wanted to improve an existing metal product to fight corrosion without radically altering your fabrication process? If you’re Ford New Holland, you get together w...


How XLM Leveraged Prepainted Metal

The XLM Company needed to create a finished metal product – file cabinets -- with a beautiful surface that was tough enough to resist rust even in extreme conditions. Prepain...