Start Designing with Prepainted Metal

Prepainted metal can meet modern design and environmental requirements, while offering cost-effective solutions to building owners.


Prepainted metal is versatile and can be used almost everywhere – on building exteriors and interiors, appliances, HVAC, furniture, automotive, etc. It is functional and durable, and can be combined with high-performance paint systems in an unlimited spectrum of colors and an array of properties. Designs can be eye-appealing - simple or complex, without compromising long-term durability, corrosion and mar resistance properties, and functionality. Prepainted metal can be formed into almost any shape, provides excellent resistance to weathering for superior longevity, and offers a wide array of texture options. Prepainted metal can be made to look like any material, including wood, slate and asphalt.

Environmental Friendly / Sustainability

The coil coating process itself is considered the most environmentally responsible method to apply paint to steel and aluminum substrates.

98% VOC Capture

Coil coating is a highly efficient "closed loop" process, meaning that the coating curing ovens burn the harmful VOCs, using them as fuel, saving energy, and eliminating pollutants. Coil coating achieves at least a 98% rate of capture and destruction efficiency, eliminating toxic air pollutants that would otherwise be released into the air.

Exceeds EPA Standards

The coil coating industry is subject to the highest EPA standards and meets and exceeds these standards.

Recyclable & Recycled

Aluminum and steel can be completely recycled. Even after multiple times of recycling, aluminum and steel retain their original mechanical properties. Nearly all of the prepainted metal that is used in buildings is collected and recycled after they have reached their in-service lifetime (usually 50 years or more). Recycling helps to reduce landfill waste and to conserve natural resources.

Longevity of Products

The coating systems used for prepainted metal provide a waterproof and corrosion-resistant barrier that extends the life of a metal substrate. Coil coated metal used for building products provides unrivaled long-term performance. This performance results from the user’s ability to choose materials that meet the needs of the building in the environment in which it is placed. An appropriate combination of metal substrate, pretreatment, primer, and topcoat are available for any set of environmental conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Prepainted metal can meet all the requirements of the most stringent energy codes. Even dark colors are able to satisfy the solar reflectance requirements that are common in today’s building codes. Using prepainted metal helps to earn LEED credits.

Cost-Effective Solution

Prepainted metal is a cost-effective solution when you consider the many benefits it offers through long-term performance, low maintenance, and available tax credits.