Case Study

Ford New Holland Makes a Baler

What if you wanted to improve an existing metal product to fight corrosion without radically altering your fabrication process? If you’re Ford New Holland, you get together with your metal supplier, coil coater and paint supplier to engineer a prepaint system that more than meets your needs.

The objective was to improve corrosion protection on the shielding and outer cosmetic components of one of their most popular models. Processes already in place for fabrication included stamping, rollforming and punching. The most challenging issue was welding. The solution was developing a primer system that could be prepainted and welded, yet withstood corrosion.

Formulating the weldable primer system was an engineering feat. It allowed Ford New Holland to meet their corrosion resistance objectives while using their established methods of welding the components together – another milestone in the creative application of prepainted metals.