Dura Coat Products, Inc. / Axalta

Dura Coat Products, Inc. / Axalta

26655 Peoples Road
Madison, AL 92509
Phone: 256-350-4300
Fax: 256-353-7606

Dean Harvey
Sales Manager

Dura Coat Products, Inc. manufactures coil coatings for all applications including metal roofing, trim and sidewall, rain ware, HVAC, garage door, appliance, screen frame, and transportation uses. Our Durapon 70® is a 70% PVDF that offers the ultimate performance qualities for color and gloss retention for everything from a residential roof to monumental projects. Our Ceranamel™ family of coatings offers robust coating systems in Polyesters and SMP’s  for a broad spectrum of end uses. These systems offer the best available hardness to flexibility ratio. We have a coil coating system fit for your purpose.

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